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Speed Skater Training

Jan 25, 2018 @ 11am ()

Gearing up for the Winter Olympics, Great Big Story gives us a peek at the training an Olympic Speed Skater goes through.

I had no idea they go upwards to 31mph … wow.

Ticking Time Bomb in the Arctic?

@ 5am ()

Photo Credit : Kate Ramsayer/NASA

The permafrost layer in the arctic is starting to thaw. How will the affect global warming?

Behind the door is a geological time bomb, scientists say. No one knows exactly how big the bomb is. It may even be a dud that barely detonates. But the fallout could be so large that it’s felt all around the world. Now there’s evidence that, in the past few years, the bomb’s timer has started ticking.

This is a terrifying read. The permafrost in the arctic contains a massive amount of organic material that has been frozen for 25,000 years. As global temperatures rise, thawing the permafrost, bacteria trapped in the frost will activate and start breaking down the organic material.


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