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The Last of the Pinball Doctors in NYC

Feb 7, 2018 @ 6am ()

In the age of home videogame consoles and dead arcades, Motherboard interviews Pinball Technician, Mike Hooker.

Interestingly enough, WSJ did a piece on Mike seven years ago. Back then there were around 750 people in the US who could repair pinball machines. Although I wonder if there are more now given the popularity of “barcades” in cities.

If you’re into classic arcades and pinball machines, check out the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester NY. They have an amazing collection of arcade games, and an awesome exhibit on Pinball Machines.


Robots in the Woods

Jan 29, 2018 @ 3pm ()

A Reddit user’s mother caught a group of Boston Dynamics employees walking their robot, Atlas, out in the woods in Lincoln, MA.

I love how no one acknowledges her – not even the robot. They’re doing a great job teaching that robot how to be a New Englander.


Strava’s fitness tracker heatmap reveals more than exercise routes

Jan 28, 2018 @ 9pm ()

A seemingly obvious side effect to a fitness app that uses GPS data to track users progress, Strava’s global heatmap show’s more than just exercise routes.

In November 2017, Strava released their global heatmap which illustrates the popularity of running and biking routes throughout the world. Unfortunately for national security, their maps also may show regular patrol routes at military bases overseas.

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