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Going Fishing

Jan 27, 2018 @ 9am ()

Swedish stop motion animator, Alex Unger (Guldies), has crafted an amazing video.

From his YouTube description:

After months of hard work GOING FISHING is finally here. I have never worked so hard. The animation is filled to the brim with new stuff I’ve never tried before. I animated with branches and leaves, paper, clay, fabric, fishing lures, forks and stones and moss and EVERYTHING I could think of.

I had to do a couple stop-motion projects in college. They are some of the most tedious and frustrating things I had worked on.

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Lists of Construction Failures

Jan 20, 2018 @ 4pm ()

Who doesn’t like lists of DIY/architectural/construction failures?! Porches without doors, stairs leading to nowhere, creative bathrooms?

BOING BOING started me down this road by posting this awesome PINTEREST page.

Their post reminded me that I’ve encountered: